25PK Titanium 16x DVD-R Media

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Datawrite inform us that the Datawrite Titanium 16x Branded DVD-R in Packs of 25 is one of the toughest discs they`ve ever made. This claim is backed up by several pieces of technology.

1) The dye is a of a high quality which means that all hardware will be able to make good quality, long lasting recordings of video/data/music.
2) Datawrite have paid particular attention to the quality of the polycarbonate layer (the middle section of the disc). This will improve the discs long term performance.
3) The top of the disc is protected by the titanium coloured top surface.

This Titanium branded range of discs have proved to be extremely popular with SVP customers. These discs have a titanium (dark grey) coloured top surface featuring the Datawrite logo and a pre-lined area for content labelling.

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