3 Way Black DVD Case 14mm Spine
  • 5 x Triple DVD Case DVD Cases


Premium quality (14mm) normal size Triple DVD cases, in Clear plastic with wrap around plastic so you can insert your design/artwork. The Amaray box is the original and still the best, engineered to provide lasting protection for you disk against dust and scratches.


  • Impact resistant made from recyclable polypropylene
  • Holds three disks , one inside the cover and the other two disks in one tray
  • High visibility wide spine for better shelf presence when racked on end.
  • Unique, patented, stress-free locking disc hub.
  • Accommodates internal booklet up to 3mm thick. Booklet dimensions: 120mm x 180mm
  • Transparent sleeve for inlay. Inlay dimensions: 273mm x 183mm x 14mm
  • Case dimensions: 14mm x 135mm x 191mm
  • Colour: Black

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5 x Triple DVD Case

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