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CD Lens Cleaner Container 100 Wipes PC Maintenance

CD Lens Cleaner Container 100 Wipes

Product Description A disk fitted with micro brushes for the safe cleaning of CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, g..

£2.00 Ex Tax: £1.67

Desktop Microphone Headsets

Desktop Microphone

Product Description Gembird boom arm desktop or monitor mounting microphoneAdditional Information ..

£4.00 Ex Tax: £3.33

Mouse mat Mouse

Mouse mat

Product Description BLUE Cloth Mouse Mat.  Additional Information Part Code MP-BLUE ..

£1.00 Ex Tax: £0.83

18.5" Cougar Extreme widescreen Monitor

18.5" Cougar Extreme widescreen

cougar extreme This model is characterised by the latest display technology with LED backlights..

£69.00 Ex Tax: £57.50

Laser Lens cleaner PC Maintenance

Laser Lens cleaner

Product Description A universal cleaner for use on all types of screens including delicate plasma te..

£2.00 Ex Tax: £1.67

5 Star AIR 400ml PC Maintenance

5 Star AIR 400ml

Product Description Remove dust and dirt with a powerful blast of compressed air. Very efficient for..

£4.00 Ex Tax: £3.33

Iphone 5 Charger Cable 2 Metre Components

Iphone 5 Charger Cable 2 Metre

Product Description This new cable is totally compatible with the new, 8-pin Lightning interface ado..

£5.00 Ex Tax: £4.17

Edifier M1360 2.1 Multimedia Speakers Speaker

Edifier M1360 2.1 Multimedia Speakers

Product Description The Edifier M1360 is a 2.1 multimedia speaker, which is both stylish and im..

£24.00 Ex Tax: £20.00

Volkano Diamond USB speakers Speaker

Volkano Diamond USB speakers

COUGAR EXTREME Product Highlights Turn Any Laptop or Desktop Computer Into a Funky Sound..

£6.00 Ex Tax: £5.00

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